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>> i'm having a good day. good morning everybody. >> good morning. >> has there been anything in the news? >> has there been something on the blog? >> a little bit. very very exciting. we'll be addressing this with bill press in a couple of minutes. good morning, jacki schechner. >> look at you all pretty in pink. >> oh, thank you. i don't know why i can't hear jacki schechner. >> you can't hear me? >> a tiny bit.
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you seem very far away. >> you're like a will who in whoville. what do you call the three amigo senator who is are not satisfied with susan rice. >> they were not going to be satisfied regardless. >> now she should never have said anything because then they would never scream cover up then then. >> she'll be in a few meetings today which should go better than yesterday but i don't know what the end game is any more. >> they hate the president. >> pretty much. >> but we love jacki schechner in the current news center. >> and she loves you back. good morning everybody. president obama talks about his plan to reduce the deficit by raising taxes on top earners today. this part should not be a tough sell for the president especially with the general public. abc "washington post" conducted
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a poll that reaffirms that 60% say let's do it. while it's mostly democrats and independents in favor, 40% of republicans agree to do it as well. that should give republicans some room to negotiate. tom call from oklahoma tells politco-that he thinks we should extend tax cuts and change the tax for top earners at a later date. taxes could go up but that does not constitute voting for a tax increase. a meeting with a big list from goldman sachs we're back after
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the break. as i looked out across the battlefield at antietam. i saw the future of one great nation. but only barely, because the sun was like, way in my grill. george mcclellan, the general, hands me his pair of foster grant sunglasses, and i could see! my wife, mary todd, found them so fetching. >> he looked so fine i started to call him babe-raham lincoln. >> i was like, mary, please. >> you look like a baby, a literal child. i bought a pair online, shipped to 115 main st., that's my gettysburg address. i'm funny. i find them to be affordable frames, of the people, for the people, and, not, by the people, that's part of this freedom thing. end slavery, let people buy awesome sunglasses.
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who's behind those foster grants? abraham stinkin' lincoln. >> i came up with that slogan myself.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: today, eh. >> walking on something. >> stephanie: mess mess. my first pr crisis. this is very exciting. >> isn't it? >> do you have a person? no i'm in radio.
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did i screw up? [ bleep ] i need to fix this. people are sending me numbers of crisis managers, what? i never leave my house. i don't have reason. wow, yes we wanted to address this yesterday. we had to hold off but my good friend bill press joins me now. look at that on the news maker line. he's making news with me. >> good morning stephanie. >> stephanie: good morning, bill press. >> caller: you and i can get in trouble together. >> stephanie: you've always been a bad influence on me. >> caller: it's the other way around girlfriend. >> stephanie: we would have been separating in class. current came to you and i and said we wanted to do a food drive for the needy.
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whydon't you and bill press have a competition. we were both away over the holidays. we knew there was anti-gay stuff stuff. did i not do my research. i did not realize how long of a history there had been in controversy in anti-gay stuff. a, i'm gay. if you didn't know, i guess i'm a bad gay. they're going to throw me out. >> caller: they're going to send you to marcus bachmann. we both screwed up. and it's too bad. the salvation army has done an awful lot of good for an awful lot of people. i always put money in the "red kettle" when i walk by particularly this time of year. that to me is one thing that is sad about it. >> stephanie: no, that's absolutely right bill.
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as liberals we also believe in redemption. i think we were assured they were going to address this. i was doing a brief interview just to kick off the drive for the holidays, but it looks to me bill, the things that our guest from the salvation army said are not necessarily true. i think they're trying to change and they're trying to improve their image, but as you were saying this morning it remains in their mission statement. >> it does. their mission statement said they're anti-gay marriage, and there have been things as recently as this summer where the salvation army official in australia said that gays should be put to death because that matches scripture. that is hard to square with what our mission statement is. >> stephanie: i know in the "washington post" and other articles some of them go back to 2011. have they changed? are they trying to do better.
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you and i talked ultimately that we don't feel comfortable putting our names to this. >> caller: no, there are policies there that we can't--i would say we can support them. it's not as liberals or conservatives, democrats or republicans, as americans we can support. i would hope that the salvation army would see these policies should no longer be condoning whatsoever, or anybody connected with their organization anywhere in the world that would espouse these policies and clean up their acts. i would hope that they would. >> stephanie: i think it was back in 2011 in the "washington post" the coast was the bush administration is working with the salvation army to working against discrimination in hiring homosexualities. they never discriminate, which
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he said to us. but when it comes to hiring gays it chews away at the american fabric of who we are. i think they do do good work, but you and i just thought--mostly it came out of my white-hot competition against you, my, like, blind ambition to outcompete you in everything. >> caller: you knew you were going to get your ass whooped on that. >> stephanie: easy for you to say now press. anyway, bill already announced it on his show but effective immediately we are not the salvation army is not going to be a sponsor. i believe--i don't know what the number was 1,150 was in my kettle. i'm going to match that and give it to the trevor project, which is my good friends here in
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los angeles. the nation's only 24-hour crisis hotline or gay and lesbian youth. >> caller: i'll join you why that with whatever was in our kettle. i'll do the same. again, it's sad to me because the salvation army has such a great reputation in almost every other area. they've done a lot of great work, and i really hope that they see moving forward they've got more to do. >> stephanie: they're welcome to come back on. i'm happy to have them come back on. i know you hadn't done the interfereinterview yet. i thought it was kicking off our charity thing. i did not do my research. i asked him. i'm reading the news story about myself. he said discriminateing against gay and lesbian would violate
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the very imagination of the salvation army. he said that it does not discriminate against hiring gays. those were questions that i had asked. had i prepared for this interview like i normally would you would have challenged him on a few more things. again, my bad. let me just mark this date in time because i never--i am never wrong. chris--chris can virtually tell you that one. but boy when i'm wrong, it's one for the ages. >> yeah, it's a pr crisis when you're wrong i do not one thing that you and i have learned watching others not do this. when you're wrong, just say you're wrong and then move on. >> stephanie: we've spent about the entire campaign factually practically fact-free. and the president always says
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that the buck stops there. we criticized george bush never took responsibility for anything. to say i was wrong, i screwed up we tried to fix it yesterday. everyone was well-intentions. the salvation army does good work, but we don't feel comfortable putting our names on it and we screwed up. as i say the trevor project is something--for me, bill, it's particularly hard. you know i've been an outspoken advocate for gay rights for years, even before i came out and we've been giving to sexy liberal causes during the sexy liberal tour. this hurt my heart, and my southern friend would say this hurt my heart. >> caller: all i can say don't get me in trouble. >> stephanie: youif you would stop doing what i tell you to you to do, but you're so malleable.
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you're an officer and a gentleman. thank you, press. he's a gentleman and a scholar actually. >> he is. not really an officer so much. >> stephanie: i made him one. >> okay, promoted him. >> stephanie: can i make him an officer of the trevor project? i think i can do that. >> i think you have some "in" there. >> stephanie: indeed. all right, that wasn't so hard, was it. [applause] >> the effort matching yesterday. >> stephanie: that was the most i ever had to say--when you suddenly have 74 e-mails, i was like, what's going on? >> i saw it happening during the show. i wasn't paying close attention to the charlie pierce interview. i think you called for a sound bite. >> stephanie: you had those roger rabbit eyes. >> i was starting control. >> stephanie: we wanted to fix it right away.
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>> absolutely. >> stephanie: you can't just act on your own. >> a lot of people to corral to fix it. >> stephanie: fixers, as they say. okay. so any way we--we do--i sincerely apologize. >> i do, too. i was part of this booking as well and i apologize for not doing all the research. we thought we were doing something goodbye kicking off a fundraising event to help the needy, and i didn't do the research, sorry. >> stephanie: i'm a bad gay. jim, you and i need to coincide because i should have known. you know me. you're saying, are you reading what they're saying? no, i never go in there. i don't go in there on a regular day. are you reading what they say about you on facebook? we have to give some props. a couple of friends on the show. >> john arabosos. he really held our feet to the fire, and we appreciate it. >> stephanie: i've had john on and we're allies in the same
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cause, and he got me. i screwed up. >> and mike senorelli. he has a great show, and he held our feet to the fire. did he a little defending of us on his show against callers who were calling in and saying some really awful, awful things. >> stephanie: i have to say thanks everybody who said something mean about me, yesterday. thanks for having my back in a crisis. much appreciated. >> thanks to those two for holding our feet to the fire and keeping up our standards. >> stephanie: can i say one thing, too. bill knows this. he has been a friend for years. not a guy with a better heart and trying to do great work in the world, and this was an honest--the thing is if they're trying to change at the salvation army, and if they're--i hope it's not just an image makeover. i hope they would really alter not just some of the things that they say in their mission
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statement and that kind of thing, but again if someone said they're an evangelical christian organization. i don't obviously agree with--they can't be responsible for what everybody says. some guy in australia said one thing, but again, it's just been too long--what i was not aware of was the length and depth of their record on gay rights. >> it goes back a long time. >> stephanie: i thought they were trying to change, fix it, okay, thank you everybody. the one or two people who sent me letters of support. that person, you know who you are. >> there were a couple. >> stephanie: i want to say thank you for that. >> i guess we can throw this away then. >> stephanie: here. thanks. okay. oh jim you scoundrel. there's that. hey, it's on to a wednesday show. we have hal sparks in hour number three, we have
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representative john yarmuth and penn jillette on the show. i remember one time penn said what, citizen kane. >> i said the same thing when you bring it up. >> stephanie: 18 after the hour. you know what makes everything better? soda stream. >> wow, i got whiplash from that. >> stephanie: i'll come back with a neck brace after the commercial break. you make fresh soda at home in less than 30 second. i just had a party at my house. what is better than a soda stream? it makes soda $0.25 a can. and you know what else it saves you? luggers. >> we're not luggers here. >> we're not lugging people. >> stephanie: and it's more environmentally friendly. you're not lugging cans, bottles and throwing them out.
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soda stream converts water into fizzy stuff. i'm bleeding, what have i done to myself? i literally cut myself while i'm talking. i am a spaz. >> this is not a dangerous job. >> stephanie: do i have workman's comp. >> i don't know, you're the boss. >> i need to look into that. >> when you said you would cut a bit. >> stephanie: look, i cut myself. >> blood on your prep sheets. >> stephanie: i need it put this under the sowed at a dream. stream. >> you know what will get that out? a little water from soda stream. >> stephanie: you have saved yourself from the debacle. this is great drinks for friend and people you know and love.
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ed a target, macy's kohl's. we'll be right back as i go into triage on "the stephanie miller show"." >> announcer: eke, i just puked on my dashboard again. it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> some people were frightening.
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>> stephanie: yeah, 25 minutes after the hour. let's reset. i'm sorry. it is the--do you remember the day i came out and i'm like, 17 minutes after the hour. you said, maybe we should reset. okay i'm guy. >> yes, i remember that. >> stephanie: all morning, in case you tuned in, i'm sorry the salvation army no longer a sponsor. my bad. oh, my god i got a hilarious letter from roland. >> i'm sure this made him more high-strung. >> stephanie: oh no, it's a dark comedy, it's a "curb your enthusiam" comedy. he said, i burst into tears and my psychiatrist beeper went off. she said, i have to go. one of my clients is in trouble.
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what about me. does your roland have time for me today? >> we had a day. >> stephanie: i need therapy today. >> yeah, okay. >> stephanie: i'll just read all the blogs. and the person who said this. >> you know, they're right. you are a horrible person. that's what your therapist is going to say. >> stephanie: i've often thought the same thing. i just have the anonymity of the internet. it's good to start with a job where complete strangers feel the need to write you and say i hope you get cancer and die. that's just--okay. that's on a normal day. >> yeah. >> stephanie: all right sue in maryland, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi, sue. >> caller: good morning. first of all i wanted to say congratulations on having the guts to say i made a mistake and
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move on. that's what liberals do. we actually take responsibility. i can understand why you don't have kids. if you had kids you would be wrong every day. >> stephanie: i don't have any practice of being wrong. >> there is a website called charity . they rate the charity. and the top is four star which the trevor charity is. >> stephanie: we give to trevor, it's a cause near and dear to my heart, and my good friends on the board there. >> caller: then you know the money you're giving is not going to a ceo salary. the red cross is a three star. it's a good charity, but trevor is four star. >> stephanie: now the head up. now a warning. perhaps i should have checked
6:28 am
charity navigator before i came on. >> they don't do religious institutions. >> stephanie: right. i think especially in this post election holiday time it is good to say look, people that we even disagree with can have their heart in the right place and doing good work. which is the salvation army is, obviously their views are against homosexuality. i'm a big obvious looking lesbian and they called me after hurricane katrina. >> i don't think they would turn down aid after a natural disaster. >> and there are places where they may be the only place that can offer to different communities. but they needed to come into the 21st century. just like the boy scouts. >> stephanie: yes, your morals are in the right place. 29 minutes after the hour.
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we'll be right back on "the stephanie miller show." so the last thing our country needs is to have fewer teachers in our schools. >> those greedy teachers, cops and firemen, clearly. soft, sweet coconut covered in rich, creamy chocolate. almond joy and mounds. unwrap paradise.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: ah ah, you fools. you fell victim to one of the classic blunders. the first is never get involve in a land war in asia. but never go in against--stephanie miller--when guests are on the line. [ laughing ] >> stephanie: this is the stephanie miller. 34 minutes after the hour. >> a movie other than "american presidents."
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>> i know. >> stephanie: someone tweeted us. >> yes patrick tweeted and said, stephanie miller backs off from the salvation army and she immediately gets significant that a coincidence is . >> stephanie: they're not right in catholic school. i have no idea how how i cut myself. >> you're bleeding all over your show prep. >> stephanie: it's obviously past that time so it's definitely coming from my hand. any time to dust off my dusty eggs. >> they've been absorbed by your body. >> stephanie: liz in l.a. you're on "the stephanie miller show"." hi, liz. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i just wanted--i was listening to your segment and i know that you've said--called
6:35 am
yourself and dubbed yourself a bad gay. i don't feel that's the case at all. i think all of us at one time or another have donated or supported entities not knowing what they stand for and what they are core values are. i mean now that i know, i didn't know the salvation army had those philosophyies. now that i know that, i won't donate and put money in the kettle, no way. >> stephanie: we believe that they're helping the needy. i think some of their opinions are misguided, so maybe what you do is respectfully reach out and tell them that, and who knows. we'll have them back on if they want to come back. >> sure. >> caller: well, they would have to change their philosophy to be inclusive of all people who were in need, whether they have a.i.d.s. or cancer or they have lost their job regardless of what their background is.
6:36 am
i don't-- >> stephanie: what's hard. they have had people call in and say they were not discriminated against. they were gay and were not discriminateed against in getting help. i've had callers call in and say they were discriminated. how do you know what's not anecdotal. >> right. >> stephanie: thank you for calling and telling me i'm not a bad gay. i've been practicing that for a while. >> since the early 90s. >> stephanie: laura in rockford, illinois. hello, laura welcome. >> caller: hi, john mccain should be embarrassed, so should lindsey graham. they should be ashamed of themselves. they look like they're beating up on some woman who doesn't deserve it. >> stephanie: they look like
6:37 am
bullies. that's why i'm glad we gave money to the trevor project. bullying is bullying. lindsey graham standing up and saying, she shouldn't have said anything. do you think they would have been screaming cover up? >> caller: i want to make one comment. i know darn well before the meeting with susan rice, i betcha anything john mccain said no matter what happens no matter what she says, we're troubled. >> stephanie: i think they set her up. they said, we're willing to listen and softening on her. they set her up so she'll come and talk to them. and then they open it up again. >> and they made sure they were closed door meetings so you wouldn't know what susan rice said, and they come at her any way. >> we're nor troubled now than before. well what did she say? >> stephanie: go ahead. >> caller: i thought it was a set up. even if she said something
6:38 am
really good, remember our lines are going to be we're still very troubled about what she said. that will make the americans worried thinking we'll hand her the problem. they want to make it look like they're handling her and i don't think she deserves it. we should stick up for her. >> stephanie: they've known the story from day one. she was given--conveying the intelligence she was given at the time. she said on every one of those shows, i don't know if you watched, she said this is the intelligence we had at this time. this is preliminary. we don't know. this is what is our best guest at this point. >> it has nothing to do with her. they're trying to get back at obama. >> they might be trying to get back at her for some of the things that she said about mccain during that campaign. she wasn't a fan so mccain is one of the angriyest fans in the
6:39 am
world. >> i'm not one of your fans! >> stephanie: maybe she said that. >> he's holding the grudge. i'm convinced. >> you know what you did. >> no, i really don't. >> yes you do. >> stephanie: dee in virginia. >> caller: how are you? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i think you should use ann romney on your cut. stop it. just stop it. >> the truth shall make you clot clot. >> stephanie: maybe i'll get back in good graces. >> caller: you had a fox news experience. and at least you put it in reverse, and you took the upper hand on it. >> stephanie: yeah yeah, well, that's the thing too we wanted to do this yesterday only there was a lot of obviously people--you have to consider. you're absolutely right. that's the thing admit it as soon as you can and fix it. that's what we tried to do. thank you, dee.
6:40 am
that's quite a compliment. we're better than fox news. why thank you so much. [applause] >> on the scale of compliments. >> stephanie: eh, i could have done without that one. karen in virginia. hi karen. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: wow, you people are per can i in perky in virginia, what's up. >> caller: i'm in the middle of bsc, i have to be perky. i have a revelation for you, do you know what that is? >> stephanie: what? >> caller: you're human! oh, my god! >> stephanie: are you high? seriously. >> caller: i wish. >> stephanie: all right, all right. you're a morning person. all right honey, thank you. >> caller: one more thing. i'm going to tell you what to tell your haters. >> stephanie: all right. >> caller: you tell them to get off that cross that they have nailed themselves to, and use the words to build a bridge and get over it. >> stephanie: that's a good one.
6:41 am
i never heard the bridge part. someone needs the wood. thank you karen. >> caller: mm-hmm. >> stephanie: let's go to tom in ohio. welcome. >> hello stephanie. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i would like to know why nobody has brought up an obstruction of justice charge against grover norquist and fraud and treason and conspiracy and blackmail. >> stephanie: do you see how he's trying to get--oh they didn't pledge to me. it's to the voters. no, it's to you grover. >> caller: he did this and he got into our congress and our senate. >> stephanie: yes, yes i still don't get it. plus it's 20 years old. he's on tv--you sent me a list. five big whoppers he's telling on the tv shows and the majority of americans do not agree with him. >> who the hell is he any way. >> stephanie: no one knows who the hell grover norquist is.
6:42 am
>> and why did his dad name him grover. >> it's a boy named sue kind of thing. >> stephanie: you know my fact checking skills. >> i read this, too in. >> cenk: it's questionable at this point. >> you're looking at me to fact check your fact check. i screwed up as much as anybody here. >> stephanie: the point is, i don't know if the story is true, but when he was a kid his dad also a douche. >> yes. >> stephanie: bought him an ice-cream cone and then took several large bites out of it and then said, this is what the government does. maybe that's why the douche didn't fall far from the bag as john fugalsang would say. [ baby crying ] >> stephanie: so he was anti-big government. >> i'll get back at him. i'll show him. i'm going to out douche daddy. nikki in chicago. welcome. >> caller: hey mama, how are you. >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i just want to rebut what sue from rockville said
6:43 am
about christian charities. they are not all anti-gay. there are some good ones out there. >> stephanie: nikki, i had one question, and funny i wish i had asked the guy and if they come back on, i will. i do think they do good work and their mission is helping the needy. >> caller: yes. >> stephanie: why do they have to bring gay into it? i don't understand, why are they even saying things about gay. >> because in exchange for helping the needy they ask that they be able to minister to you. >> stephanie: oh. >> caller: not all christian charities do that. >> not all christian charities do but salvation army do. >> caller: don't put them all in one box. we don't all stereotype like that. there is a group called christian left, which is a phenomenal group and very accepting of all. >> stephanie: we did work for catholic charities, a homely little child from new york, in a
6:44 am
plaid skirt. >> caller: they do good work, they're from the same ilk very anti-gay. >> stephanie: but look at all the good work the nuns on the bus are doing. you can't paint with one brush. >> and the rescue mission downtown who feeds the homeless on thanksgiving. they minister to you as they feed you. so, they're ministering goes on. >> stephanie: and you have the ability to say yum yum, yum, i can't hear you. i'm eating. >> yes you do. >> stephanie: we'll be right back on "the stephanie miller show"." >> announcer: call the political party line now 1-800-steph-12. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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rich, chewy caramel rolled up in
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smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." 50 minutes after the hour. let's reset i'm an idiot. is that news? 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll-free from anywhere. we have john yarmuth and penn jillette. >> but not teller because he would not work on radio. >> stephanie: and hal sparks. let's go to terry in tennessee. welcome. >> caller: hi, stephanie, how are you. >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i just wanted to call
6:50 am
and lend my support to you. >> stephanie: aah. >> caller: i think that the people out there that are sending you nasty blogs should just take a chill pill and stop acting like republicans. i know your heart is in the right place, and you've done the best possible thing you can which is to apologize. they need to get on with it. >> stephanie: we're good at holding each other's feet to the fire. i'll say that. >> yes, we are. >> stephanie: wow wee, but they were right and i was wrong but moving on. >> caller: yes, i wish you the best and have a good show. >> stephanie: thank you. we're moving forward. [ magic music ] >> if i learned anything from the last campaign, move forward. >> stephanie: do not look in the rear view mirror. objects look much more horrible. >> you might have a raptor chasing you. >> stephanie: yes, move forward. don't look. >> that was a prveloscer rap for
6:51 am
raptor. >> caller: hello sexy mama. >> stephanie: how are you. >> caller: i wanted to call and tell mccain to stuff it. but that was covered. i just want to thank you for just being my morning eye and ear candy, and you and your crew play just the grooviest music. this is my third time trying to get through. i just want you to know that you are just the-- the shiite. >> stephanie: we can be smooth, mulls limb. that's not a bad thing to be called that. [ world news music ] >> you have such a sexy
6:52 am
disposition. >> stephanie: ah, ah, ah. i brought wasabi peas with me. >> why? >> stephanie: they're from my leftover japanese food. it's the kind of peas, not wasabi. but wahabi peas. >> japanese food should never be leftover. >> sushi certainly. >> stephanie: i have my stigmattas, leave me alone in my first pr crisis. >> well, so far. >> stephanie: the majority of americans don't approve of how the white house handled the attack on on the consulate of bengahzi but don't they feel it's a cover up. when americans are asked if they believe the white house lied or
6:53 am
engaged in a cover up, 54% said that they believe it's based on the best knowledge that they have at the time. thank you. the fact that they're able to keep this going is how irritating the mainstream media is. it's not a story because fox news says it is. john mccain is screaming about everything all the time. >> damn clouds. >> stephanie: he's president of the green room at this point. let's go to--barb in madison. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi, barb. >> caller: good morning, kids. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i just wanted to remind yourself, and i'm irish so i can say this. the definition of irish alzheimer's is you forget everything but your grudges. >> stephanie: jake carney, white house press secretary. >> the focus on some might say the obsession on comments made
6:54 am
on sunday shows seems to me and to many to be misplaced. >> stephanie: ah, yeah you think? this is one thing i've asked before. why does it seem that people do the right thing when they're not going to be in office any more. joe lieberman used to echo everything that john mccain says. but now he says this. >> she was under no political influence from the white house. >> stephanie: okay, all right. [ world news music ] >> to think she was almost our vice president. >> stephanie: she shouldn't have manipulateed the intelligence or stayed silence on bengahzi. republicans have a new line of attack. if it was unclear why say anything at all because then nobody would be screaming cover up then, would they. >> no. >> stephanie: yeah, the question is should they have been given information at all if you're only giving bad information
6:55 am
should you be giving any information. they didn't know it was bad information at the time or they wouldn't wouldn't be giving it. to fault rice not only to be more critical of the assessment she was given. she should have psychically known it was wrong or not potentially revealing classified information. i'm sure they wouldn't have said anything if she would have revealed classified information. that would have been much better. what? during the interviews she gave on september 15th. she made it clear that they were initial conclusions and the continual shouting by conservatives that a conspiracy took place, as i just said, only showsdoesnot agree the majority of the americans. >> stephanie: hello, patricia. >> caller: good morning.
6:56 am
>> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i just got a heidi ho support for you. aid grandma who told me if you never get sauce on your shirt you'll never make an awesome stew. that's the thing about not making mistakes. everybody can just sit down. >> stephanie: i bet your grandma's stew as awesome. >> caller: yes. >> stephanie: was that mr. mr. hankie the christmas poo heidi ho. >> caller: heidi ho. >> stephanie: we're just a group of weirdoes. all y'alls listening to all of us talking. josh in tennessee. hi josh. >> caller: hey, instead of steph, how are you doing? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i wanted to say this before i made my point. i'm a lesbian, too and i'm right there with you. >> stephanie: i appreciate your efforts. >> caller: here's the point that i wanted to make.
6:57 am
this whole grover norquist thing is ridiculous to the point where i mean someone just needs to throw him a beating because you have all these right wing nut balls that speak all this b.s. rhetoric from their and they do everything in their power to help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. i think the best thing obama could do is take an old fashioned lead pipe mental from al capone and say if you don't start doing the job you were paid to do and cut out the b.s. and do what you need to do to make it better for the american people all over all you're going to get a baseball bat up against your melon head. >> stephanie: oh dear. i'm guessing that the president won't say that. >> enthusiasm. enthusiasm. >> stephanie: 58 minutes after the hour. back with right-wing world with representative john yarmuth as
6:58 am
we continue on "the stephanie miller show." governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: hello, current tv world. we have representative john yarmuth coming up and right-wing world. how did i do in my first public may can culpa. >> i think you did extremely well. >> stephanie: and i've had to offer a few apologies to you. >> and i've had to offer a few myself. >> stephanie: you know that saying that love means you don't have to say sorry?
6:59 am
that's not true. we say it over and over and over again. >> and gifts from >> stephanie: that's from the past now. we're moving forward. bff, we have little cat fights now and again. then we kiss and make up. >> and then they're pillow fights in our underwear. >> stephanie: and lots of pillow fights in our lingerie. >> do you have pictures. >> i knew you were going there. >> stephanie: here in the news center fully clothed jacki schechner. >> bp has earned itself a serious time out. they will not be getting any more new federal contracts. they pled guilty to criminal charges after the disaster that killed 11 and the largest oil spill in u.s. history. the agency said the temporary ban is because of bps conduct during that crisis showed a lack of integrity. the ban does not affect existing contracts but bp will not be
7:00 am
awarded new ones until it demonstrates that it means u.s. government business standards. an exclusive from talking point memos big unions and progressive groups are forming a group to fight the filibuster reform called "fix the senate now." they say the nation cannot afford two more years of congress without action. they tried to get reform passed in 2010 and 2011, the difference now the democratic leadership seems to be on board harry reid said he wants to make it much harder for the small membership of the minority to block the desires of the majority. even though we have a record number of women and minorities in the house come january house speaker john boehner has announced who will chair the 19 major house committee, and get this, they are all white men.
7:01 am
the house democrats have not released their top announcements yet but we'll have nine high ranking democrats who will be women or a minority. we'll be back after the break. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
7:02 am
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(vo) always outspoken, now unleashed. joy behar. >> can't find a good nanny? tune into my next show and i'll put in a good word for you with my guest, fran dresher, on say anything! [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show"." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it, six minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-12, the toll-free is the number from anywhere. stephanie miller, we have posted the audio on our facebook page
7:05 am
of my--of what we call my may i mea culpa. >> last hour. >> stephanie: let's reset. >> let's reset. you're gay. >> stephanie: no that was--that was two years ago. >> sorry. >> stephanie: let's reset. ♪ you are an idiot ♪ ha ha, ha ♪ >> stephanie: we had to drop our sponsorship of the salvation army. did i not do my research properly. bill press and i both announced we're going to take the donations that we made and i'm going to match that amount to the trevor project. they're trying to do good work, but we were not comfortable with the history of with gay stuff and i wasn't aware of it, and i apologize. >> and that's on your facebook page. >> stephanie: i like to live in the past when i'm never ever i
7:06 am
don't thinkwrong. >> when was that? >> stephanie: yesterday. [ magic wand music ] when i said i want to bake an omelet. >> you don't bake an omelet. you bake a fritt atat. >> stephanie: i suppose you've inundated with with recipes for baked onlets. margaret said, mama is always right. thank you, margaret in madison. do you remember that? do you remember that. okay, so don't challenge me on my pointer sister knowledge. >> a baked onlet is a fritta. >> stephanie: whatever.
7:07 am
i'm so excited. back to a magical time when i'm never ever wrong in the history of anything ever. >> apparently there is such a thing of a baked omelet, a scandinavian dish. and it's on the internet, which is never wrong on anything. >> stephanie: no let's dive into the right-wing world. mary mad delynn madeleine she gets more and more pleasant every year. >> when they allow an u.s. am ambassador and go out and mislead people on a terrorist attack. it's not about susan rice. she's a distraction. but what senators mccain and graham are talking about we live in a dangerous world and we have to have a better answer than talking points given to her like she's some kind of flack.
7:08 am
>> just give all the classified information and tell everybody whats is going on in the embassy embassy, ya, ya, ya. >> stephanie: let me get this straight. susan rice goes out with the best information that the intelligence had at the time and when condoleezza rice went out with information that they knew was incorrect. >> and started a war war that was incorrect. >> stephanie: we need her on that wall. >> you don't like the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about the parties. you want me on that wall. you need me on that wall. >> stephanie: what is with the tone of voice. >> i don't know. we're going to need a lot of drinks. >> why? >> to kill the bug that you have up your ass. >> stephanie: thank you, thank you. >> more laura is coming up. >> stephanie: do you think she debateed mary madeleine for an
7:09 am
hour it would sound like a car horn being stuck. [ noise of car horns ] >> stephanie: we just died. >> it's chinatown. >> stephanie: colonel ralph peters. >> fox security expert. >> we've had jay carney say we support democracy. we believe the government of egypt should reflect the will of the people, and we have concerns of what morsi has done. >> it would be nice if we supported democracy, but i don't think this administration does. let's be honest, george w. bush tried to support democracy in the middle east, and in iraq we gave the iraqis their best shot. >> stephanie: by bombing and killing hundreds of thousands? yes. barack obama does not believe in democracy now? only george bush did. and the fiery remarks of freedom
7:10 am
freedom. >> george bush didn't know the difference between sunni and shiite. knew nothing about the country nothing. >> bomb it real good. [ . >> stephanie: i don't miss him. >> grover norquist is the new bad guy. everybody is saying we're going to walk away from grover norquist. all he has done saying, hey, you have enough money on capitol hill. spend what you have, and stop asking us. he has been a watchdog on our money. if you're democrat or republican you should be saluting him to a degree. he warns you in the past people who walk away from their no-new taxes have paid a price. >> he just said hey. >> stephanie: a lot of people who signed that pledge lost. [ ding ding ] >> thanks, grover. >> stephanie: here is the very soothing laura ingram.
7:11 am
>> the sky is always falling when president obama wants to cram down legislation or initiatives without real debate, and without true compromise. here's my question for all of these wobbly republicans and democrats who tell us the sky is falling. where have they been for the last two years? the american people have been waiting for two years to have common-sense action. i'm tired of obama putting a gun to the head of the american people and republicans who say oh, what are we going to do? they're all wilting and running around. >> stephanie: man up--i guess that's what her point was. i don't know--i don't know where to go with that whole thing. >> putting a gun to the head-- >> stephanie: of the american people. >> what was she talking about? >> stephanie: i don't know. >> i don't think she knows. just spouting off talking points. things that sound good to right wingers. [ whining ] >> that noise sounds so good to right wingers.
7:12 am
so soothing. [ whining ] [ laughing ] >> stephanie: okay, you know, jim can do an impression of everybody in right-wing world that didn't consist of any words. for instance, rush limbaugh. [ coughing and mumbling ] >> stephanie: which of course proceeded laura ingram saying this. [ whining ] >> stephanie: we close with this this. [ mumbling ] >> which makes about as much sense. >> stephanie: it sound all the same to me. >> any day on fox news. >> stephanie: that was a tour de force, jim ward. sean hannity. >> we just had an election on these very issues, and i agree with you our side lost. americans decide they're going to take a backpack, fill it with
7:13 am
rocks and for the first time in history we're going to say to our kids and grandkids, we're going to leave you in worst condition than we found this country. >> stephanie: the american people are stupid. your stupid, and see what you did. >> now you have a backpack full of rocks. >> stephanie: and now we have nice things. >> and you walk into that river at the end of the hour. >> stephanie: okay. >> americans are in a shocking amount of disarray. the republican party has not developed an alternative idea set other than what mitt romney and paul ryan were campaigning on, and by default it has become their opening negotiation position. >> stephanie: okay, you know what, you guys finish your argument with yourself, amongst yourselves and then come to the table. >> yeah. [applause] >> stephanie: let's go to stacey in florida. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi stace.
7:14 am
[ singing ] good morning. i've been telling my people for years and years that the republicans think we're just a number to them. mitt romney said the 47%. it looked like it was some kind of surprise. i said i'm not surprised. this is what i've been telling you idiots for years. that's how he think about us. we're just a number. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: second thing, john mccain is mad because he let dummy beat him in texas for the presidency. then an educated black man from harvard beat him. he's taking it out on susan rice. john mccain and lindsay whatever his name is. >> stephanie: graham. >> like the cracker. >> caller: this thing for people then you wish bad things for people, sometimes it don't come back to the person who wish the bad thing. it trickle down to another member of your family so john mccain be careful what you
7:15 am
wish for. be careful. >> stephanie: thank you, honey. let's go to zach in oklahoma, hi hi, zach welcome. >> caller: how are you doing? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i got an idea of the three republicans who keep going after susan rice. >> stephanie: mm-hmm. >> caller: how about three billboards and put their three pictures on there and then have the title read "america's bullies brought to you by the right wing." >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: and my second point is we all have social security numbers, so in a way we're all numbers. >> stephanie: how much proof is it that there is a god that mitt romney literally got 47% of the vote. first a tee and then a hee. >> sound bite:s we're significantly troubled about some of the answers we got and
7:16 am
some what we didn't get. >> troubled, very troubled. >> cenk: we said this last hour, trouble. >> stephanie: we said this last hour, but they set her up. they set her up. >> so troubled. >> stephanie: so open-minded and partisan. >> it's worse than we thought. [ magic wand ] >> very troubled. >> stephanie: 18 minutes. >> what do they say? >> none of your business. >> stephanie: 18 minutes after the hour. gotomeeting, kids, this is how we run this ramshackle operation. and it is a ramshackle. there was a go to meeting yesterday. >> we got our money's worth yesterday into i would like to see that white-hot disappointment in your eyes when you look at me. i don't have to drive now to see that. i can see it in hd crystal clear quality on my computer screen. >> yes and you were disappointed in me as well. >> stephanie: right, right, we
7:17 am
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use the promo code stephanie. we roll along on "the stephanie miller show." >> that happened and we all let it happen. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: a moment of thanks that i don't have to go back to my 80's hair. 24 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12.
7:22 am
[ howling ] >> you are a wolf-child. >> stephanie: it was some dispute if i looked more like a bay city roller or merrill osmond. >> merrill osmond. that picture of you with gerald ford total merrill osmond. >> stephanie: we love out magazine. good friends with the owners and we love the work they do. oh, my god, is that jane lynch on the cover? the editor in chief joins us out. the 100th issue is out. good morning, aaron hicklin. >> caller: hi, how are you. >> stephanie: you have a big shin dig coming up in new york. >> caller: yes hurricane sandy almost blew us off course, but good folks here at media has done their work and we'll be on tomorrow evening. >> stephanie: that's right in marknew york city presented by
7:23 am
buick. >> caller: that's correct. and the out 100 has achieved the recognition and stature and the magazine itself is 20 years old this year. >> stephanie: what a great year after the election result where is we saw marriage equality win at the ballot box for the first time. we've made so much strides in gay rights. when you started the "out 100". it seems likes like that's what is helping, when people know and admire a gay person somewhere and it's humanizing the issue. >> i call it the ryan murphy event. there is so much more gay presence in our culture now. yes, people we know directly, but also just through familiarization through mainstream culture through big tv shows and musicians.
7:24 am
we know psychologically people know someone who is gay it tends to challenge their antithipy and it's a matter of who we choose to love. you know, this year in particular with the president throwing his support behind marriage equality and same sex marriage, we see that opinion at the ballot box. this was an historical year. in fact, to mark that and represent that, we did something that i think is kind of really extraordinary, thanks to the good folks at the white house. we have to shoot a photograph of lgbt members at the white house. and that seemed to me that it
7:25 am
fit in with an extraordinary year. >> stephanie: aaron, i've been curious, how do you choose the out 100. when you make your decisions what do you take into account? >> well, a couple of things. we have a team of editors. primarily we're looking at people who have brought them or their work to attention to prominence in one way or another another, or an activist who has done something worthy of acknowledgment. actually whittling it down to 100, one thing i have to say when i started this magazine six or seven years ago often it's been actually quite difficult to find people who stood out in some way and we don't have that problem now. >> stephanie: that's progress, and i was going to say i love
7:26 am
your covergirl jane lynch. we all love jane lynch. i love what she said at the end of the article. i thought that's the real progress. it's become normal when billy bush says, how is your wife. it's not like, oh my god. it's becoming normal. >> normal. >> stephanie: yeah, go ahead. >> caller: well, yes how extraordinary in this year's portfolio we've been able to include portraits of newlyweds who are married and whose marriage is recognized, people like new york city council speaker christine and her wife. >> stephanie: aaron, i'm so sorry, we're out of time. but go oat the out magazine. we're out of time. thank you so much. >> caller: thank you. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. back with representative john yarmuth next.
7:27 am
drop on the pitcher's mound. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
7:28 am
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> you mean the boys are talking about what to do with the extra coins? i'm renting a clown and did i. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> and i really under estimated the creepiness. [ laughing ] >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. this hour brought to you by hd faces, the powerful way to meet on your ipad. try it free for 30 days.
7:32 am
use promo code stephanie. representative john yarmuth, good morning sir. >> caller: hey stephanie. >> stephanie: that's the thing you've heard. this is not really a cliff, it's a slope and patty murray and others have said we can go over it it's going to be gradual if that's what we need to do to get the tax cuts for the rich to end end. >> caller: i think this whole fiscal cliff thing is a conspiracy of cartoonists. easier to draw a cliff, i guess. i've seen so many of them. but this again one of these self-constructed crises that congress is really good at building. there is a real easy way out of it, and i think actually we're seeing a little bit of movement on the republican side that
7:33 am
might make it pretty easy to get over it. with tom coal the republican from oklahoma saying that we just ought to go ahead and pass the tax cuts for the 98% and then fight for the rest of it later. that's what we've been saying on our side. we can do that if five minutes. >> stephanie: that's what nancy pelosi said, extending middle class tax cuts wrought further delay. she said we remain optimistic that we're going to reach an agreement, are you? >> i was less optimistic before tom cole made a statement. tom is held in pretty high regard. he's not what is generally considered a moderate on the republican side. he's a very, very good guy and member of the bourbon caucus, by the way. >> stephanie: ha ha, hee hee. >> caller: which is why he has become so reasonable. so many times people in politics
7:34 am
confuse principle and policy. the difference between 98% of people getting their tax cuts extended to 100. that's not a principle that's a policy. it's the same people saying well, we can eliminate deductions and do these other things. that's just semantics. people's taxes are going to go up. they're going to go up. whether you call it a rate hike, deductions or something else. they're just playing word games. in fact, there is very little distance between republicans and democrats on this issue right now. >> stephanie: senator durbin said this yesterday. >> we're not going to find ourselves in some big party and then turn around and have a doomsday scenario as a debt ceiling. >> stephanie: are we or are they going to do some temporary fix and kick the can down the road? >> caller: well, i hope the debt
7:35 am
ceiling is a part of it. the spending cuts, the across the board cuts, the so-called sequester, i think that will get kicked down the road. right now we can't afford to have significant reduction that will impede the economy. i think we need to take a little bit more careful approach to those kinds of cuts if we're going to talk about 1 trillion-dollar over ten years. so i suspect that can will get kicked down the road, but the tax rates really should be dealt with right now. they're easy to deal with. the debt ceiling should really be, that's one of those other things we can create a crisis unnecessarily. this country is not going to basically deny it's debt. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: so anyway, i think we can do it. i think saner heads might prevail. i just left a meeting with gene
7:36 am
sperling. he said the president is not going to amend the tax cuts. if he is, the republicans better get on board. >> stephanie: i took heart in that. the president is not being fooled so far. he is not saying that we're we're going to close a loophole, and it's not going to produce the revenue that is necessary right. >> caller: exactly right. if you deal with deductions no matter what you do you can't get to any significant number. the very very wealthy americans really don't have that many deductions. all they have is the charitable deductions which no one wants to do away with. they don't have big home mortgages, they own their home or homes as in mitt romney's case. so eliminating deductions doesn't do anything to them just as that one suggestion that came out of the senate, tax the first
7:37 am
$400,000 at 35%. that penalizes someone who is at $450,000 and nothing to someone who is at $10 million. >> stephanie: can you say to one of these republicans for me. guess what, you lost. you don't get to enact mitt romney's plan. i mean, i've been talking about this, you know, one of the things that drives me crazy is not just republicans but the mainstream media. right after the election david gregory asked someone on meet the press do you think the president should bring mitt romney to help negotiate this his wall cliff. what now? >> caller: well, elections we keep saying, they do have consequences. the most important election was president obama getting re-elected because now he has all the cards. >> stephanie: that's right. >> caller: it's just like in many cases democrats and the minorities in the house like to think we have leverage, which we usually don't.
7:38 am
the republicans have no leverage right now. >> stephanie: as he pointed out even people who didn't vote for him agree with him on taxes. if you look at polling they agree with us in the rich paying their fair share. one thing i'm sick of them saying over and over again no, we elected a republican house. we can say it over and over, but it's because of jerrymandering. a million more people voted for democrats in the house even, than for the senate. >> caller: exactly. what i consider more importantly if you look at the areas of the country where most of the commerce and most of the economic activity occurs, 80% of it or more is in urban areas and urban areas overwhelmingly voted for president obama and democrats in the congress. i mean, that's where the democrats' strength lies. again, that's where most of the economic activity is generated. it's even more--they have a lot
7:39 am
of counties with very few people who voted for them. >> stephanie: right. representative yarmuth, before you go, this susan rice thing. do you agree with us? this to me looks like this was a setup. they pretend to be softening and then open to what she has to say, and then everyone has confirmed that she was giving the best intelligence that she had at the time and now they're even more troubled. she goes to talk to them, and now they say this is even worse. where is the controversy here, can you tell me? >> caller: i have no idea. this is one of the most confusing things i've heard in a long time. what they've successful successfully ended up doing john mccain and lindsey graham, the president will nominate her. they've forced that to happen now. they're going to be embarrassed. and she'll exonerate herself in
7:40 am
the confirmation hearings for everybody to see. i don't understand what their game is. it's totally misguided. >> sour grapes. >> stephanie: the rumor is that they'll nominate john kerry and scott brown can run and get a senate seat back. who knows. >> cenk: well, the rumor here as you probably know, that dynamic would be in play any way. >> stephanie: that's what i was thinking. he's going to be nominated any way. >> caller: i don't know what their game is. >> stephanie: who knows. it's always like a rubics cube. thank you for joining us were the bourbon caucus. we love him. >> i love him so much. >> stephanie: felecia, go ahead. >> caller: you keep calling me
7:41 am
felecia, i love it. >> feletia. >> caller: john mccain needs to settle down on the criticism of susan rice. he was going with sarah palin. that's ridiculous. i want to lend my support to your gay rights issues. in the community that you face, it's actually ridiculous to think that we should put opinions of christians on people and just tell them the truth. >> stephanie: yeah, you know i-- >> caller: regardless, because that's what jesus did. hehe said i'm going to love you regardless. >> stephanie: he never said anything about homosexuality which why i don't get why we get to mix our opinions on gays and
7:42 am
charity. >> caller: thankthank you. >> stephanie: i love you feletia. let's go to barbara. you're on "the stephanie miller show." good morning barbara. >> caller: good morning, how are you. >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: this is my first call i'm nervous. >> stephanie: don't be nervous. >> caller: they're beating a dead horse with bengahzi. i was watching a local news channel here and glen dorothy's sister. sister. if you want to blame somebody, blame the terrorists. >> stephanie: yes, susan rice is not the terrorist. who killed our americans that's who we should be--really, the focus is on the white house or something wrong with susan rice. >> she's not the national
7:43 am
security adviser. she's ambassador to the u.n. compared to the condi rice. >> and what she did. >> stephanie: it's so transparent what she's doing. literally mccain and graham, they applauded who now netanyahu? president of egypt, hello? >> everybody except for-- >> stephanie: literally applauded the foreign leader and criticized the white house even for that, even though secretary of state clinton dropped everything and go and if facilitate that. i don't get it. >> there is a black man in the white house nobody gets it. >> stephanie: we get it. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> at least they're white. >> oh, god no.
7:44 am
>> it makes me sick in a wonderful way. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: yikes, are you okay? >> young frankenstein. >> stephanie: yes, i know, funny. 1-800-steph-12 toll-free from anywhere. i've been >> sound bite: they want
7:49 am
leadership. they'll do anything for leadership. step up the microphone. they're thirsty for it. they'll crawl through the dessert to a mirage, and when they discover there is no water they'll drink the sand. they don't drink the sand because they're thirsty. >> stephanie: penn jillette, you yelled at me for an entire hour about me saying it was my favorite movie ever. >> caller: you did not say it was your favorite movie. you said it was the best move ever. those are two different things. >> they are two different things. >> stephanie: whatever, penn. >> caller: not whatever, not whatever. it's accurate. >> citizens cane, vertigo they may be the best movies ever. >> stephanie: i love you forever, but once in a while i wish you were the silent one. >> caller: yeah, me, too me too. >> stephanie: let's talk about your new book, "every day is an
7:50 am
atheist holiday." >> caller: yes, that's the book. and it's celebration of the day-to-day life with a lot of digressions about things that happen to me. >> stephanie: i love that your unique way of celebrating thanksgiving involves unzipping your pants. >> caller: you got to do than. that's important. i tell a few stories about thanksgiving. one story that i love about captain bano, wrestler, having thanksgiving with a bunch of wrestlers, and someone betting him $100 and then everyone getting covered in grease and that burn we know out the window. >> stephanie: many celebrations begin with unzipping your pants. >> caller: i'm trying to think of any celebration that doesn't start with me unzipping my pants. i'm trying to think of a counter
7:51 am
example and nothing is coming to mind. >> stephanie: you say holiday is foryou say halloween is the slutty holiday. >> caller: that's why it's kicking christmas' ass. it is growing very quickly as the holiday. i have a story in the book about how i had a terribly embarrassing thing happen on halloween. my daughter was in kindergarten they had this thing called the mystery reader where someone came in to read a halloween story, one of the parents in costume, and the beautiful excitement of that was that the child would get to hear the voice and be excited to hear their parent reading. so i decided i was going to do a really old fashioned halloween thing and dress up as a ghost. i bought a sheet. cut the eyes out and put it over my head. at the time i was wearing a straw hat that i fancied that made me look like sinatra.
7:52 am
i put the sheet on and the hat and i walked into the reception and the woman behind the counter just screams. i said i'm not a real ghost. then i looked into the mirror and realized that a 6'7", 6'7", 300-pound man wearing a sheet does not look like a ghost but rather like a clan member. >> stephanie: i knew that's where you were going with that. >> caller: so it looked like with the straw hat that i had dressed up for my child's kindergarten class as a clan member kkk guys. >> wow. >> stephanie: awkward. >> caller: the teacher was appalled. i sat there in the chair in red and was really filled with a joy because to the kindergarteners that image really was one of the dads as a ghost. it's wonderful that they don't have that image in their head, but boy one of the most embarrassing moments in my life was finding out that i dressed
7:53 am
accidently as a member of the kkk. >> stephanie: if that's your story, i would stick with it. now penn i love--here's what i always wonder about because i'm not a parent. but the alcohol slutty thing for halloween, it has no age limit. parents dress their kids like little princess. it doesn't matter the age. >> caller: i don't get that at all. there is that whole princess culture. my daughter talks about princesses all the time. i always throw in, wouldn't you rather be a freedom fighter? wouldn't rather be susan b anthony that you would rather dress up as? she's a big american hero, not a princess, wouldn't you rather be--it just doesn't work. susan b anthony on ice. >> that's the farthest thing
7:54 am
from a princess actually. >> caller: i would like to think that the u.s. is as far from royalty as we can get. but sometimes it doesn't seem like that. >> stephanie: sandra day o'connor? margaret thatcher? not good selling costumes. >> caller: i do push. i do push for sue an b anthony an atheist who had stamped in her face, in god we trust. >> stephanie: you are a good sport for a clan member. the book is "every day is an atheist holiday." it's full of fun stories like that. >> i just purchased it from my kindle this morning i can't wait to read it. >> caller: wonderful. i hope you like it. >> stephanie: what a wonderful idea for your kindle. "every day is an atheist holiday." penn jillette, my good friend, talk to you soon. >> caller: always a pleasure. >> stephanie: i might say the
7:55 am
best man giggle ever. that's quite the raucous man giggle. >> yes. >> stephanie: one more here. bill in arlington hi, bill. >> caller: hi there, stephanie. >> stephanie: hi good, 30 seconds. >> caller: i was watching john mccain and others talking about meeting with rice, how troubled and disturbed they were. >> stephanie: very troubled. >> caller: it occurred to me that he was describing symptoms of geriatric dementia, and would explain some of his recent behavior. >> stephanie: you know, i can't tell if it's just general crankiness. that's what it seems like. bitterness. >> he has always been cranky. >> stephanie: you knew him from a long time ago. >> he has always been cringey. >> stephanie: he almost ran us over at a hotel. >> i remember that. >> stephanie: in a car. we were like, ya. >> i was looking at one of his hot a.i.d.s. >> stephanie: hump days with hal
7:56 am
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